13 is supposed to be unlucky, right?... Not with this list

Updated: Mar 3

Since going vegan just before Christmas, one thing that has stood out to me the most are the amount of questions aud comments I get from some non-vegans:

'So you just eat lettuce now?'

'Do you not miss bacon and chicken?'

'I couldn't LIVE without burgers, how can you?'

'Isn't it really expensive buying vegan food?'

Today, I want to focus on the last one. Because no, no it is not. With this being said, yes vegan meat alternatives can come with a hefty price tag BUT so can meat, fine cheeses, and non-vegan snacks. On this section of my blog I am going to focus on all of the food items I have found that are accidentally vegan - meaning that they may not be labelled with a whopping big, green vegan label, but are still suitable for vegans.

Traipsing the food aisles in your local supermarket can be daunting at the best of times, but as a new vegan, embarking upon a more conscious, healthy lifestyle, they can feel like a war zone (yes for all my fellow English teachers out there that is indeed hyperbole).

I wanted to start with a comprehensive list of go to's. Fridge and cupboard staples you most probably already have lying around, and 'quick fixes' that every newly vegan kitchen needs.

Like me, I bet a million bucks that you are not only going to be pleasantly surprised by the list that follows but, a word of warning as it may lead to LOTS of jumps for joy knowing that you won't have to give up some of your old favourites.

So, buckle up, grab an oat milk coffee and let's get going.

Let's talk Biscuits:

  • Bourbon Cream Biscuits - yup, you read that right! get dipping into your oat milk tea my friend, because you deserve it

  • McVities Ginger Nuts - these always remind me of afternoons at my Gran's house, Play-Doh plus Ginger Nuts; what more could a girl ask for (please note I did not eat the Play-Doh, well not all the time anyway)

  • McVities Hobnobs - the KING of all dunking biscuits are still at your disposal

  • Fox's Party Rings - can I get a HELL YEAH. Until going vegan I had forgotton how much I love these, even as an 'adult'

Sweet Tooth:

  • Skittles -accidentally vegan yet purposefully tasty

  • Swizzles Drumstick Choos - this iconic, nostalgic sweet is the sweet that keeps on giving

  • Maynard Bassetts Fizzy Fish Sweets - these are my boyfriends favourite and he gets incredibly touchy when we don't have any in the cupboard (like right now, as i am writing this people, I am getting the DEATH STARE

Crisp me up good:

  • Kettle sweet chilli - these are my absolute fave! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite flavour is (the sea salt flavour are also vegan - woohooo!)

  • Popchips Barbecue Popped Potato Chips - these are thin, crispy and packed full of flavour

  • Hula Hoops - both the salted and salt & vinegar flavours are ready to be worn on your vegan fingers (oh, and also eaten)

Store Cupboard essentials:

  • The Original HP Sauce - get your vegan sausages at the ready, because we got some dipping to do. (I highly recommend Asda's from their new plant based range; they are delicious and affordable!)

  • Cadbury's Hot Chocolate - I know right! MIND. BLOWING.

  • Frosted and Coco/ Chocolate Shreddies - sugary goodness, get in my belly.

And breathe... we'll leave it there for today so as not to spontaneously combust. As a final thought, most breads (including crumpets, which smothered with Violife Dairy Free Spread and topped with melted Applewood Vegan Cheddar are RIDICULOUS may I just add) are vegan friendly.

Stay tuned for more blog posts uncovering all of the accidentally vegan food that is out there for the taking, baking and devouring.

Much love,

Heather xoxo

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