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Hello everyone!

I hope you're all well and getting through quarantine as best you can.

Remember you're not always going to be incredibly productive and that's okay!

Take time to relax, paint your nails, have a bubble bath and read. The extra time we have on our hands may never happen again, so try that thing you've always wanted to do, work out or take up a new hobby! Anything your heart desires (obviously in line with the social isolation measures that are in place)

I thought I'd do something a little different here and create a new area full of wait for it …

Book reviews!

Since quarantine began in the UK nearly three weeks ago, I've been reading so much more than usual, and loving it. I know you have had ‘readers block’, as I have had sometimes, when you just cannot get into a book, reading the same pager over and over and over… but persevere with it! Find the right book, if you’re not feeling it – move on.

There’s no point wasting time with a book you’re not enjoying. Plus, you never know. You might pick the very same book up weeks, months or even years later and enjoy it!

Now I have always been a reader, but we all know what it's like, with work, family life, household chores and all the other things we have to do on a day to day basis, things like reading for pleasure can become a once in a blue moon occurrence.

Especially being a high school English teacher, most of the books I read focus on pedagogy or enhancing my subject knowledge. I witter onto my students ALL the time about the importance of reading for pleasure and here I am, the hypocrite, who puts it aside for 'more important things' that need to be done.


I joined the 'Bookaholics' group on Facebook, and I have to say, this community of people have made me love reading again. And more importantly, talking about reading. Our opinions, thoughts, likes and dislikes - it has truly been invigorating and brought my love of reading to the surface. For that, I will be forever grateful!

I have recently bought a chaise lounge, placed it in the corner of my bedroom and BOOM, I now have the cosiest little reading nook in the WORLD. We only moved into our new home in December, so we still have little bits to finish off: pictures to hang, ornaments to acquire but even without these little luxuries, it is still my happy place.

I wanted to create a space where we can share book recommendations, ideas and our thoughts on things we’ve already read. I also want this section to be somewhere you can come and connect with liked minded people. Yes, I am vegan and that was the reason I started this blog in the first place, but I am also human, and an English teacher. Therefore, books have and always will be a big part of my life.

This is what I wanted create for us!

So, I thought it would be best and most appropriate to start with a little background story on how I got into reading and became the book worm I am today. Because everyone’s experience is different, and I really wanted to share mine with you so that you could get to know me a little better.

Picture the scene: a purple, groovy chick bedroom and in there, a little girl and her father. It’s bedtime but there are no quarrels of:

'No, not yet! I'm not sleepy.'


‘Is it time to read now Daddy?’

We used to read some weird and wonderful books, along with your normal childhood classics like

Enid Blyton and Beatrix Potter, to name just a couple, these wonderful stories filled my ears and my mind with thoughts of adventure. We used to read together for hours. I remember my mum having to come up numerous times to tell him to stop, enough now, it REALLY is bedtime.

But I think the sheer joy I got from escaping to these worlds, he did too. And that to me is where my love of books, reading and words themselves came from.

Words can shape you, they create who you are as a person, your imagination and your personality. The books we read a children, in high school and beyond are as strong and vivid as smells. Just seeing the cover, or hearing the name of an author you used to read opens the doors to a multitude of memories. Where you were at the time in your life, and how far you've come.

All shaped by books.

Books really are weapons, and knowledge is power.


I used to have a hard back copy of Beatrix Potter's - The world of Peter Rabbit. It was white, and the illustrations were beautiful. I treasured it, and my father and I read it countless times. I remember tracing the words with the fingertip, a smile the size of the sun on my face. I can still remember how it smelt; new and crisp and full of the promise of adventure. It is memories like these that will never leave you - remember that.

Anyway, when my parents moved to Spain when I was at university, my most prized possession 'got lost'. I was devastated. Well and truly mortified. I had dreamt of reading that very same book to my children one day. telling them this very same story, and seeing that same look of joy on their faces that I had on mine when my dad read it to me.

Fast forward 8 years, to my 26th birthday and the first one I had spent with my boyfriend. I had told him the story of the lost Beatrix Potter book, but never really thought any more of it than a little tale you tell.

Anyway, what did he go and do?

He bought me a brand new copy, and even BETTER one at that! All the tales were broken down into individual books, and they came in the most beautiful keepsake box - I was well and truly speechless (and you can ask him, but that does NOT happen very often).

I knew that I loved him from the moment I met him, but this, this one small gift and the thought and care behind it made me realise that this was the man that I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

Okay, I am going to love you and leave you.

I hope that you know me a little better now, and that you're as excited as I am for this new little book corner! I really do hope that it can become a communal place. One where we can discuss ideas, opinions and also just have a good old moan! (because that's important too) .

Please comment below of any books you would like to discuss or ones that you would like me to review - like I said, this is about all of us!!

Much love and happy reading,

Heather xoxo

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