Tofu Scramble and Black Bean Breakfast Bagel

Updated: Jun 8

First of all, the title for this recipe brings me way too much joy - all that ALLITERATION gives me goosebumps.

Yes, yes I know and I can hear your sighs but I'm an English teacher so sue me.

Anyway this delicious breakfast bagel (or lunch, or hell a midnight snack if you want, who's watching?) I rustled up the other day really hit the spot, so I wanted to share it with you guys.

I. love. breakfast food, and recently I've been going through a bit of a bagel addiction. Give me one smothered in vegan butter, or draped with lashings of vegan cream cheese and cucumber slices and I'm yours. Ooo not to mention one loaded with vegan meat slices, cheese and melted ever so slightly...

Basically, bagels are versatile and delicious and that is all I'm going to say.

The bad boy bagel I am sharing with you today (stop with the alliteration Heather, come on) is loaded with chunky homemade guacamole, creamy tofu scramble, black beans and a drizzle of siracha sauce to finish it off.

In this recipe you will get all of my tofu scramble tips and tricks, paired with a super easy guacamole recipe.

Are you ready to experience a taste sensation, a party in your mouth and a treat for your tastebuds...

WARNING - it will get messy, but dirty bagels are the best ones.

So without further ado, roll up your sleeves, and let's get cooking!

Prep time: 10 mins Cook Time: 10mins Serves: 2


  • 1/2 Block of extra firm tofu

  • 1/2 tin of black beans

  • Mushrooms

  • 2 Spring onions

  • 1 Avocado

  • 2 Bagels

  • Aromat

  • Black Pepper

  • Garlic Granules

  • Pizza Seasoning (alternatively use a dash of basil and oregano)

  • Vegan butter

  • Sriracha sauce


  1. Grab your tofu (half a block serves 2 people) and wrap it in kitchen roll and press (this is really important as it gets rid all of that excess liquid, I tend to place a plate on top)

  2. Whilst the tofu is pressing, chop your mushrooms and spring onions into small chunks (as pictures above)

  3. Crumble the tofu into a pan with 1tsp of extra virgin oil and then throw in your mushrooms and spring onions.

  4. Season with 1tsp of garlic granules, a good old grind of your pizza seasoning (this is basically a mixture of chilli, oregano, basil etc so optional) 1 tsp of butter and salt

  5. (or aromat) and pepper to taste.

  6. Cook on a medium heat until lightly browned on all sides (this should take around 8-9 mins)

  7. Whilst your tofu scramble is cooking, prepare you guacamole (click here for full recipe for a homemade chunky guac!)

  8. Place half a tin of black beans into a small pan, make sure the water covers them and simmer for 3-4 mins (you don't want them to boil)

  9. Once your tofu scramble is browning, drain and rinse the black beans before adding and mixing them in

Now it's time to assemble your bagel!

Toast your bagel and add the guacamole to one half, pour your tofu scramble onto the top as neatly as you can (remember these are messy for a reason)

Squirt as much sriracha sauce as your desire over the top and voila! You're ready to get stuck in.

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Much love and happy eating,




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